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Socially Boutique is Now South & Palm – Here’s Why

Jun 4, 2019

It had been weighing on me for awhile, the tough truth: I no longer felt connected to my business name or brand. I didn’t like telling people what my business was called. I wasn’t excited, and I no longer held that spark of joy. I know this happens from time to time, we all get a little burnt out, but this was different.

I was tired of people saying “what?” after I told them my business name was Socially Boutique. I was tired of people not understanding how to pronounce it. And I was especially tired of people thinking I was a clothing store. I should’ve researched more when choosing a name the first time around, but this time, I know I got it right.

Aside from the name, I was getting burnt out on my main service: social media management. I also felt that social media was heavily connected to the name Socially Boutique because it was specifically a boutique social media agency. Don’t get me wrong, I still love social media, but I’ve always been more interested and excited about design work like website and branding. And although I had clients here and there for this type of work, I never felt fully confident.

Then I found Showit, and everything just clicked.

Showit allows me to design a website, starting with just a blank page and make it into whatever I envision. I don’t have to use a single line of code unless I want to. I had heard of ShowIt before, but I never looked into it because it was originally marketed to photographers. Once I played around and learned that ShowIt connects with WordPress for blogging, I was sold and my web design journey was forever changed. I knew it was time to dive head first and rebrand my business to be more focused on design, while still maintaining the social media tips and tools that you all have come to know and love.

I’ve also been taking a lot of graphic design related courses online, watching tutorials and practicing over the last 6 months. I never felt fully confident in my design abilities, but I wasn’t doing anything about it. Then one day I asked myself, “If this is what I want to do, why am I not learning more about it? Why am I not practicing?”, and I got to work.

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So why South & Palm?

South & Palm, to me, feels like home. It feels right. I wanted a name that was going to last, one that I wasn’t going to grow out of in two years. It’s versatile, and I like that. I grew up in the middle of Missouri, and I always felt out of place. I’ve always been a beach girl at heart and drawn to the south. I’ve always connected with the ocean, sand and palms, and now I get to call South Florida home. And that’s honestly where the name comes from: South Florida = South, Palm Trees = Palm, ie. South & Palm. Some of my favorite things. And when you’re at the heart of your business and brand, sometimes your favorite things are the way to go.

A note from Kirsten Atkins about why Socially Boutique is now South & Palm

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